Welcome Prof. Chou-Fu Liang From Nanning Normal University to be Conference Chairs!​

Prof. Chou-Fu Liang from Nanning Normal University, China

Research Area:

Civil Engineering Materials, Sponge City Planning and Design, Concrete Coordination, Waste Treatment,  Water and Soil Conservation, Environmental Engineering

Research experience:

Prof, Liang, ChouFu, Doctor, Master tutor. Institution of civil buildings in quanzhou expert committee member, quanzhou association expert committee, director of Chinese highway road construction machinery branch society, the Chinese society of metering the 7th indoor environment and material testing branch members, executive director of the China council for the promotion of building materials industrial economy research institute of green, the China association of concrete and cement products concrete engineering quality and standardization branch director, have a master's degree in environmental engineering, civil engineering, master's and doctoral degree. In civil engineering (urban) sponge and disaster prevention engineering, soil and water conservation engineering and disaster prevention engineering field, and environmental engineering and engineering management specialty, has published journal articles 16, with the Taiwan civil, environmental, electrical, heavy machinery and other related professional operation licenses, a total of 24 pieces, and developed with mainland China and Taiwan intellectual property of 8 invention patents, new style 2 invention patents, new type 1 of 4 invention patents. And the Taiwan sponge city construction program specification 03341. He is the chief editor of pervious concrete, plant grown concrete, circulating fluidized bed ash, test standards for pervious concrete and other industrial standards of the ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China.