Welcome Senior engineer Yi Luo ​from Yibin State-owned Assets Management Co. LTD to be Committee Member! 

Senior engineer Yi Luo from Yibin State-owned Assets Management Co. LTD, China

Research Area:

Engineering construction, project development, urban planning, technical economy, asset management

Research experience:

Since November 2013, he have been continuously employed as an expert of sichuan provincial bid evaluation. In June 2015, He became a member of chartered institute of surveyors (MRICS). Since 2017, he have been an expert of public resource trading technology consulting service in yibin public resource trading center. In 2017, became a member of yibin CPPCC theory and practice research association; Now he ia the deputy director of yibin municipal committee of jiusan society, and a member of jiusan society cui committee. In the same year, he obtained the technical title of senior engineer.
He have been engaged in construction technology and economic management and state-owned assets management for 26 years. He have worked in different types of enterprises (all state-owned enterprises) including design, construction, real estate development and state-owned assets management. Management and research direction: construction economy, technical economy, project (development and construction) management, bidding management, state-owned assets management. He have rich experience in project estimation, project feasibility analysis, evaluation and decision-making, construction project cost, bidding, contract signing and management, and project development and construction management. Participated in 4 project designs; Participated in or presided over more than 30 project tenders (12 of which won the bid), project budget and final accounts, site management of more than 20 projects; Presided over the whole process management of real estate development and construction, and won the net profit of over 100 million yuan for the enterprise; To participate in the evaluation of more than 180 public bidding projects; Participated in 3 relocation evaluations of the company and its affiliated enterprises (with a total amount of more than 500 million yuan), and participated in 9 expert reviews of the enterprise's external guarantee projects, with a total guarantee amount of 4.5 billion yuan. In the national and provincial academic journals were nearly 30 academic theses being published.