Welcome Assis.Pro.Ching-Sen Wu from National Ilan University, Taiwan to be committee member!  

Pro.Hui-Mi Hsu, National Ilan University, Taiwan

Research Area:

Gravity Currents, Free-surface Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Research Experience:


1.A. Dai and C.S. Wu, High-resolution simulations of cylindrical gravity currents in a rotating system, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.806, pp. 71-101, 2016. (SCI) (JFM Cover)

2.D.L. Young, K.H. Chen, T.Y. Liu and C.S. Wu, Hypersingular meshless method using double-layer potentials for three-dimensional exterior acoustic problem, Journal of Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 139(1), doi:10.1121/1.4939895, 2016. (SCI)

3.D.L. Young, S.P. Hu and C.S. Wu, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, Vol.64, pp. 68-89 (SCI)

4.D.L. Young, C.H. Tsai and C.S. Wu, A novel vector potential formulation of Navier-Stokes equations for 3D flow problems with through-flow boundaries, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 300, pp. 219-240, 2015. (SCI)

5.D.L. Young, Y.J. Huang, C.S. Wu, V. Sladek and J. Sladek, Angular basis functions formulation for 2D potential flows with non-smooth boundaries, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, Vol. 61, pp.1-15, 2015. (SCI)